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Cottonwood Angus

Homestead established 1876

Angus Herd registered 1954

Cottonwood Angus Farm was homesteaded nearly 150 year ago, in 1867 to be precise, along the banks of the Flandreau Creek. The land boasts fresh, spring-fed creeks, rolling hills with abundant grass, and rich tillable soil. The operation's name originates from the cottonwood trees that run along the creek through the farm's property. Today, Cottonwood Angus Farms consists of 300 head of registered Angus cows run on approximately 1,500 acres of grass, with 2,500 acres of hay and cropland, too.

Our Story

Each year Cottonwood Angus hosts a fall female sale and a spring bull sale. Check out our sales page for more details on the animals available in each offering!

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Cottonwood Angus - 91 (L).jpg

50th Annual Profit Maker's Female Sale

Be sure to mark your calendars for December 3, 2022! We are offering for sale 53 Angus bred heifers and 31 Angus cows (pregnancy confirmed) for you to grab and bring back to your herd. The sale will take place at the farm near Pipestone, Minnesota. If you can't be there in person, the sale will be live broadcast on DVAuction.

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