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Pepper 955.jpg

Ponca Creek Pepper

DOB 02/2012


AAR Ten X 7008 SA


Ponca Creek Blackbird 955

If you want power, stature, eye appeal and moderate birth, it is hard to match Pepper. He is a strong, easygoing, attractive
Ten X son and a 'nothing wrong' kind of bull that's easy to plug in almost anywhere. He posted individual performance ratios of BWR 98, WWR 109, YWR 110, ADG ratio of 111 and REA ratio of 113. He also ranked in the top 3% or better for $W, $F, $Q $G and $B.

REG NO 17417464

2XL Enhance 7033

DOB 02/2017

REG NO 19148145



SydGen Enhance

2XL Opal 5933

2XL Enhance 7033 has outstanding EPDs and genomics that rank him in the Top 1% for $B, $C and $F. He has a killer look, with thickness, rib shape, hip and correctness. His dam was the high selling lot for $30K in the 2XL Cattle Company Dispersal, a Baldridge Waylon daughter.

2xl enhance7033.JPG
Carter's Payweight 1682-C204.jpg

Carter's Payweight 1682-C204

DOB 01/2015  •  REG NO 18245454  •  TATTOO C204

Basin Payweight 1682  x  Carter's Rita A120

Just study the EPDs and say "Wow!" His mother was a first calf heifer, a Royal Stockman daughter who is made right in EVERY way.

Baldridge Sr Goalkeeper

DOB 01/2019  •  REG NO 19356243  •  TATTOO G01

SydGen Enhance  x  Baldridge Isabel E030

The lead-off and $90,000 two-thirds interest top-seller of the 2020 Baldridge Bull Sale. Jud Baldridge says that in terms of multi-trait strength, completeness and balance, Goalkeeper ranks as one of the best bulls ever offered from his program.

Baldridge SR Goalkeeper.jpg

Kesslers Commodore 6516

DOB 01/2016  •  REG NO 18545936  •  TATTOO 6516

Connealy Comrade 1385  x  Kesslers Rainbow 0595

Commodore 6516 has had ratios far above average in the herds that have used him for WW, YW, %MF and REA. The Commodore calves come at the right size and show tremendous growth.

Casino Bomber N33

DOB 01/2016  •  REG NO 18658677  •  TATTOO N33

KM Broken Bow 002  x  Casino Annie K48

Bomber is a calving ease bull with an attractive EPD profile. He sports a clean fronted, long-body supported by a sound foot structure. Sired by KM Broken Bow, a sire that's been among the top AI Sires for the last 4 years.

Casino Bomber N33.jpg
KR Safeway 2020.jpg

KW Safeway 2020

DOB 06/2018  •  REG NO 19147673  •  TATTOO 806

SF Speedway A187  x  Warner's Safe Beauty 603

A phenotypically sound bull from the ground up with great feet, strong level toppling, big rear end, tight sheath, large scrotal, strong square stance and a masculine head. He's a docile animal that should moderate frame size in any herd.

GAR Ashland

DOB 01/2015  •  REG NO 18217198  •  TATTOO K25

GAR Early Bird  x  Chair Rock Ambush 1018

In the American Angus Association's database, he is unmatched for his combination of calving ease, growth, marbling and muscle. He's unique in his combination of performance data, genomics and phenotype, offering the performance data you demand and the visual qualities you expect from a power herd bull.

GAR Ashland_edited.jpg
Square B Atlantis.jpg

Square B Atlantis 8060

DOB 08/2018  •  REG NO 19405249  •  TATTOO 8060

SAV Rainfall 6846  x  Elbanna of Conanga 1209

A favorite fo the three flush brothers displayed by Summit Chase Angus at the 2020 National Western Stock Show, a flush sister was an $85,000 selection of Spruce Mountain and Crazy K from the 2019 Ingram Angus Sale.

KR MoJo 8520

DOB 02/2015  •  REG NO 19219146  •  TATTOO 8520

Panther Cr Incredible 6704  x  KR Princess 6394

KR MoJo 8520 is a monster outcross option for cattlemen across the country. He is a calving easy phenomenon with elite level EPDs across the board. He is a moderate framed sire and son of the legendary sire "Panther Cr Incredible". MoJo displays thickness, power and structure.

KR Mojo 8520.jpg
Vermilion Spur D125.jpg

Vermilion Spur D125

DOB 02/2016  •  REG NO 18508611  •  TATTOO D125

Connealy Spur  x  Vermilion Elba 3068

A curve bending sire with elite EPDs and performance. Use Spur on a wide variety of traditional Angus pedigrees. Spur is an EPD machine. This guy has the performance to back it up. Born at 78lbs and an astounding WW of 914lbs, with a YW at 1578lbs.

GAR Home Town

DOB 09/2018  •  REG NO 19266718  •  TATTOO 7488

GAR Ashland  x  Chair Rock Sure Fire 6095

Backed by years of breeding diligence and industry experience, Home Town truly brings it home. A phenotypic standout – big-hipped, wide-based with an attractive herd bull presence all in a moderate stature.

GAR Home Town.jpg
BUB Southern Charm AA31.jpg

BUBS Southern Charm AA31

DOB 10/2013  •  REG NO 17853196  •  TATTOO AA31

Silveiras Conversion 8064  x  Hickory Hill Erica 009

Always a phenotypic favorite, this powerful and easy-fleshing sire with a phenomenal fertility level was the leading sales sire at ORIgen for 2018 and ranked number 2 in 2019.

Moore Super Duty 001

DOB 02/2020  •  REG NO 19875952  •  TATTOO 001

DL Dually  x  Moore Identity 046 C

Purchased from Moore Angus's 2021 Bull Sale, Super Duty is everything a true breeding bull should be. He's masculine, thick, maternal, well-made, and stylish with the numbers to back it all up! 

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